Cyber & Privacy Liability Insurance

PROWRITERS™ offers a flexible Cyber Liability insurance program designed to cover privacy, data and network exposures. Addressing the constantly evolving technological and legal aspects of privacy and data breach, our program provides clients with the right coverage to meet the needs of this relatively new and highly complex risk.

We offer Cyber & Privacy coverage for companies of all sizes. For large, multi-billion dollar companies, we can obtain the best terms possible, partnering with the 20+ cyber markets to which we have access, and customizing coverage to address their needs. For small start-ups to companies up to $100 M in revenues we have designed a new program that offers broad and flexible coverage.  For a Cyber quote just email us at with the name of the company, revenues, and website address.  Click here for our E-Z Cyber & Privacy Application.

What does a Cyber/Privacy policy provide?

1st party coverage for costs associated to a breach:

  • IT Forensic costs – the costs to determine what information may have been breached or accessed improperly. This can been very costly to determine.
  • Notification Costs – the costs to notify individuals, businesses, regulators and to run a call center related to the notification.
  • Credit Protection Costs – the costs to provide credit monitoring services to the affected parties which is often offered as a part of the notification.
  • Crisis Management Costs – this covers the cost to hire a Public Relations firm to help protect your business reputation.

3rd Party Liability related to a breach:

This covers the costs to defend and indemnify or settle claims related to a breach of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) including credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account information, as well as personal health information or sensitive corporate information.

This can cover costs related to:

  • breach of contract
  • negligent protection of data
  • network security breaches
  • transmission of software viruses
  • denial of service attacks
  • regulatory actions related to a breach
  • PCI fines and penalties

Multi Media Coverage – as part of a good privacy and cyber policy you should consider media coverage. This can cover online advertising, intellectual property including copyright and trademark infringement, or claims related to libel / defamation.

Cyber Extortion – Hackers are getting more and more aggressive in their online tactics. Coverage is available in the instance of a hacker threatening to destroy or damage your network / data including ransom payments when they are extorting you.

Cyber Business Interruption – coverage is available for companies that rely heavily on the internet or their network for their revenue. This is something that would typically not be covered under a General Liability policy and needs to be specifically addressed if you have the exposure.

Hacker Damage – IT is a large investment for most companies. Hacker coverage can cover your costs to rebuild your network if you were to suffer damage to your website, intranet, network, or any data you hold electronically.

In addition to these protections, we would give you access to risk management and loss prevention services to help avoid a breach all together. In addition, post breach services, such as access to a Breach Coach, will assist you right when a breach occurs and provide you access to the best vendors in this space at pre-negotiated rates.


For more information, download our Cyber factsheet: