Answer Your Clients’ Cyber Insurance Objections

Do you need help convincing your business clients they should carry Cyber Liability Insurance?

Our free eBook, Answering Seven Common Cyber Insurance Objections, will prepare you to meet any client pushback with proven, persuasive explanations of why a Cyber policy is a must-have for any organization doing business in today’s digital world.

Inside, you’ll discover on-point, easy-to-understand answers that will help clients understand:

  • Why no business in any industry can assume they’re safe from cyber attacks.
  • How your clients may be gathering and storing more sensitive—and so, to cyber criminals, valuable—information than they realize.
  • Why small businesses are actually more vulnerable to cyber attacks than large ones.
  • What basic failure is to blame for most data breaches (it’s not inadequate software).
  • How their use of third-party data managers affects their liability in the event of a breach.
  • Why the coverage they may think will help them weather a cyber incident probably won’t.
  • What makes Cyber Insurance premiums more than worth every penny.

Be ready the next time your clients ask you, “Is Cyber Insurance necessary?”

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