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Compare Cyber Insurance Companies with Ease

Compare Cyber Insurance Companies with Ease

The U.S. Justice Department posted a $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest of the head of cyber crime syndicate EvilCorp — an organization allegedly responsible for the theft of $100 million from small businesses and consumers.

Suffering an attack like those carried out by EvilCorp can interrupt business, compromise vital data, and result in costly regulatory penalties or lawsuits. Without cyber liability insurance, most EvilCorp victims would have struggled to cover the fallout costs of those attacks.

But vetting cyber insurance companies and finding the right policy can be a difficult task. That’s why ProWriters has leveraged our industry expertise to create tools and processes to make finding the right cyber policy as easy as possible.

What to Consider When Searching for Cyber Insurance

The best way to avoid the cost of a cyber security breach is to prevent them in the first place. This means having a robust cybersecurity framework that includes:

  • Hardware security
  • Internal and external network security
  • Data encryption and backup
  • Data recovery plans
  • Strong user permissions management and authentication protocols
  • Regular employee training on cyber defense awareness and best practices
  • Compliance with industry and government regulations

But no matter how up-to-date your cyber defenses are, no cybersecurity framework is foolproof. If a digital disaster does strike, most businesses will need to rely on an insurance partner to assist with the recovery cost and effort.

Cyber Liability Insurance

While some cyber loss and claims scenarios may be covered under commercial general liability or errors and omissions policies, most are not. The potential costs related to a cyber incident include the data breach itself, crisis and response services, regulatory and legal expenses, and business interruption.

To hedge cyber risk and guard against massive payouts in the event of an attack, it’s necessary to have a cyber insurance policy tailored to the unique exposures of the individual business.

Technology support professional with- hands-free communication gear monitors cyber threats in the control room.When deciding what type of policy is appropriate, Investment News recommends insureds consider whether the following incident response actions could be necessary:

  • Restoring lost data
  • Fixing or replacing damaged hardware or software
  • Hiring public relations professionals to prevent reputational damage
  • Paying for credit monitoring for affected clients
  • Hiring forensic experts to investigate the incident
  • Covering the costs of lawsuits, regulatory fines, and penalties
  • Covering profits lost through fraudulent wire transfers

In the event of a breach, the victim may also need to carry out a far-reaching breach notification campaign and rebuild digital assets, adding to further expenses.

ProWriters’ Cyber IQ Portal Streamlines the Insurance Process

Navigating the nuances of cyber policies in the constantly changing cyber insurance market to find the right coverage for your client is challenging.

With ProWriters’ Cyber IQ Comparative Rate Portal, the insurance process is simplified. Agents can easily compare quotes and policies from multiple cyber insurance companies to make sure their clients get the benefit of choice when it comes to complex exposures. Our Cyber IQ portal features industry-leading carriers like Chubb, Axis, Hiscox, Tokio Marine, CFC Underwriting, and more.

The portal streamlines the process of quoting and binding by:

  • Having one simple application for multiple carriers
  • Providing a dynamic quote comparison document with each submission
  • Offering bulk quoting functionality that allows brokers to upload renewal lists
  • Custom Cyber Security Reports for each insured to help you sell the coverage

This powerful tool helps brokers significantly cut down on admin and data entry time so they can advise clients on cyber coverage with ease.


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Take it from our Customers

At ProWriters, our job is to make your job easier by providing insurance solutions that simplify the process of covering complex exposures. But don’t take our word for it!

Here’s what some of our partners have to say:

“ProWriters’ Cyber IQ portal was, by far, the easiest platform I’ve used to get a Cyber quote. I currently use another broker to get Cyber policies. That’s going to change. With five questions answered, I had four competitive quotes. The best feature was the detail explaining the coverage I received.” — Paul Rentz, Agency Principal, Rentz & Rentz Insurance

“When dealing with ProWriters we get expert advice, multiple options offered, “English” translation of policy terms and very competitive rates. Ability to produce from simple risks all the way to regional banks and a national healthcare billing service with over 20,000,000 personal records.” — Robert C. Johnson, President, RV Johnson Insurance

Cover Cyber Risks with ProWriters

ProWriters is a highly rated managing general agent (MGA) with extensive knowledge of cyber insurance and underwriting authority from top industry carriers. We are committed to simplifying the cyber insurance process for brokers and agents so businesses can get the coverage they need for privacy, data, and network exposures.

ProWriters focuses on Professional Liability, Management Liability, and Cyber insurance products. To find the right cyber insurance policy with ProWriters, speak with one of our experts today.

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