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Cyber Insurance Comparison: Get to Know Our Cyber IQ Comparative Rate Portal

Cyber Insurance Comparison: Get to Know Our Cyber IQ Comparative Rate Portal

There is no crime too low for a cyber hacker in today’s climate and these criminals are wreaking havoc on organizations of all kinds. Businesses from locally-owned mom-and-pop shops to multimillion-dollar corporations are at risk. What’s become clear is that every organization needs protection against cyber threats. However, cyber coverage can be complicated and confusing in a volatile industry that faces change regularly. With over 20 years of insurance experience, ProWriters is constantly evaluating and optimizing our processes to make buying and selling insurance even easier. With our Cyber IQ Comparative Rate Portal, the cyber insurance comparison process has never been easier.

As cyber attacks, especially ransomware, seem to grow in both frequency and damages, securing the right coverage for your business clients has never been more important. Data breaches can have a significant (and often devastating) impact on your clients both financially and to their social standing.

A cyber insurance policy can provide coverage for a number of costs, including legal fees, notification costs, IT forensics, and more. However, locating the best insurance policy for your clients through business insurance comparison can be a lengthy process, which is why so many brokers turn to business insurance comparison tools.

Three Ways Our Cyber IQ Comparative Rate Portal Saves You Time

While there are a number of cyber insurance coverage comparison tools available today, ProWriters has shaped the Cyber IQ Comparative Rate Portal to make your process as quick and seamless as possible.

A young businessman in a suit sits at a desk and types on his white laptop with a notebook next to him.Here’s how we can help:

  • Multi-Carrier Comparison
    While many portals are only able to quote for one carrier at a time, The Cyber IQ Comparative Rate Portal can compare insurance quotes from multiple carriers instantly. No need to enter a risk into the portal five, six, or seven times (or more) to get multiple quotes and then complete a manual policy comparison of your options. ProWriters can compare these quotes for you in a matter of minutes.
  • Notice of the Best Market
    As ProWriters rates on behalf of many different carriers, we can outline which markets may be a better option than others, which varies from risk to risk. Rather than checking the market on each individual quote, as a market may be aggressive on price on one quote and double the price of the market on the next, we quote all the markets each time so you can save time knowing that you have marketed the account for your client.
  • Expertise Provided
    With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, ProWriters offers both product and technical expertise. As markets will try to sell you on why their product is best, you’ll need an expert intermediary that can truly deliberate the differences. There is a reason that all the top markets have partnered with ProWriters, and that is because we are good partners with the technical expertise to point out the differences in all the options provided.

Get Started!

To register as a ProWriters broker, fill out your information here and provide the following documents:

  • A completed W-9
  • A copy of your home state insurance license
  • A copy of your E&O insurance (or a Certificate of insurance) evidencing 1M or more in limits

For more help, take a look at our demo video to walk you through the process or download our Cyber IQ Factsheet for more information.


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ProWriters strives to make your job even easier while offering the best service in the industry. Learn more about how ProWriters helps you provide the best possible service to your clients with the most efficient cyber insurance comparison portal!

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