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Streamline and Simplify Your Job with Our Cyber Liability Quote Platform (VIDEO)

Streamline and Simplify Your Job with Our Cyber Liability Quote Platform (VIDEO)

Comparing Cyber Liability Quotes Has Never Been Easier

Agents and brokers spend a lot of time trying to compare cyber insurance rates from different carriers so they can find the best liability insurance policy for their clients. Brokers tell us it’s a very time-consuming process, and we agree.

That’s why we decided to change it.


ProWriters is rolling out a brand new Cyber IQ Comparative Rate Platform. ProWriters’ new online platform streamlines the carrier comparison process by allowing you to instantly compare rates from five carriers for your client. Learn how it works and discover how getting a cyber liability quote just got a whole lot easier.


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The ProWriters Method: Four Steps to Getting Cyber Liability Quotes

The ProWriters Cyber IQ Comparative Rate Platform (Cyber IQ) is a simple, easy-to-use tool that allows you to conveniently compare rates from five different carriers and get a quote for your client in just minutes. Below are the four simple steps you need to follow to compare rates find the right cyber liability insurance policy.

  1. Log into the ProWriters platform
    Once you log into the ProWriters Cyber IQ Comparative Rate Platform, you will first see a dashboard. The dashboard includes all of the quotes you’ve issued as well as binders, policies, and renewals—all in one convenient and organized location.
  2. Compare Rates
    Once you or your client completes the application, the platform will compare cyber insurance rates across five different carriers. As a broker, you can view the assumptions that each carrier is using to determine their cyber liability insurance rate and adjust them accordingly. For example, if your client has antivirus and firewall software, you can indicate this here. Making changes in the assumptions will prompt the platform to recalculate that carrier’s rate without affecting the other carriers’ displayed rates. If you change key information about your client—such as the revenue, the number of records, or the NAICS code—the platform will automatically recalculate the cyber insurance rates across all the carriers for you, conveniently providing you with a new set of rates.
  3. Get Your Quotes
    Once you’ve finished with the platform, you can select “Get Quotes” at the bottom of your screen and ProWriters will send you an email with all of the cyber liability quotes attached along with a coverage comparison of each of the carriers. It’s that simple. Log in, complete the application, compare rates, and get your quotes. With the ProWriters cyber risk comparative platform, comparing carriers has never been easier.

Ready to learn more? Try the ProWriters platform now or contact us today to discover how you can innovate the way you work.

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