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Do your clients accept Credit Cards?

Do your clients accept Credit Cards?
Cyber Insurance for Retailers can be tough, and tougher to explain when your client says:
  • What is PCI Compliance?
  • How can I find out if I am PCI Compliant?
  • We outsource this, so it is not our responsibility.
  • What is my exposure?
  • What is covered or not covered?

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Some are large companies and some are small businesses, but what they all have in common is credit cards. The impact can be great from lost customers and legal bills to regulatory investigations and PCI fines and penalties.
Attached is a link to a good EMV Reference Guide, which may address some of your client’s questions regarding PCI and their exposure.
Everyone claims to be a Cyber Expert these days, and while they may have access to Cyber Insurance Products, they may not have the expertise you and your client need.
I have been underwriting Cyber Insurance for nearly 15 years. We can get you the right coverage while answering the questions that you and your clients may have.


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