Multi-Carrier v. Single Carrier Solutions: Comparing Cyber Insurance in 2020

Data Tells a Story about Cyber Insurance Providers

Brokers, did you know that prices for insurance plans can vary widely depending on the industry? Even within an industry, the best carrier option can change depending on the revenue tier of the organization. There’s no way to know which carrier plan provides the best option for your clients until you compare them side by side with the ProWriters’ Cyber IQ Comparative Rate Platform.

Insurance markets have often operated in unpredictable, complex ways that aren’t easily understood. Now with the data from 10,000 accounts, ProWriters has performed analyses to deliver new insights about how the cyber insurance industry operates.

Inside our whitepaper, you’ll discover:

  • The three elements you should always pay attention to when reviewing policies with a client
  • The surprising truth about how your client could get more with a plan at the same low price
  • Why the advent of the comparative platform enables a more targeted approach for both brokers and carriers
  • What the data tells us about the “best option” and how it changes over time

And much more! Get access to our never-before-seen insights about cyber insurance companies by downloading your complimentary copy today.

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