Easy Renewals in the Modern Cyber Insurance Market

Making Cyber Renewals Seamless for Your Clients

The past year saw a massive spike in cyberattacks, and insurance carriers adjusted their risk appetites accordingly. For unprepared companies seeking renewal on their policies, this could pose a major problem. Today’s cyber insurance market demands new standards for security and controls before providing coverage. Without cybersecurity best-practices in place, companies may not be able to maintain their previous policy.

Brokers need to be able to prepare their clients with the information they need to secure comprehensive cyber insurance. In this new resource from ProWriters, learn the basic measures that carriers will expect your clients to plan and implement. This includes:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Patch Procedures
  • Backup Testing
  • Advanced Threat Protection

Cyberattacks are only going to become more common, and more costly. Helping your clients implement the right cybersecurity is the best way to protect their business, both in preventing attacks, and securing comprehensive cyber insurance. Get your copy of “Preparing Clients for Cyber Insurance Renewals” today, and make cyber renewals seamless.

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