What Brokers Need to Know About D&O and EPLI

There are many risks that your business clients take every day by simply running their businesses. Even if they are not fully aware of their threats, many parties can file a lawsuit against a company and its leadership team. Without proper protection through D&O insurance and EPLI, a business and its management will have to pay out of pocket for any legal and reparation expenses incurred.

Also known as management liability insurance, D&O and EPLI is a powerful combination that helps protect a business and its management from litigation. From small businesses to nonprofits to multinational corporations, businesses of all sizes and industries stand to benefit from management liability insurance.

To protect businesses and their leadership teams from litigation, you need to have extensive, up-to-date knowledge about management liability insurance. In this free eBook, you’ll learn the following information about D&O and EPLI:

  • What are D&O and EPLI?
  • Who needs D&O and EPLI?
  • Why do businesses need D&O and EPLI?
  • What are key D&O and EPLI exposures?
  • What do D&O and EPLI cover?
  • What do D&O and EPLI not cover?
  • What are common FAQs from business owners?

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