How Can White Label Insurance Benefit Both You & Your Clients?

In the cyber insurance industry, flexibility is key in providing the best possible insurance product to your prospects and clients. However, for many, cyber insurance can be complex, confusing, and difficult to understand or compare. ProWriters offers industry-leading features to help you quickly compare quotes and provide more transparent options to your clients with our Cyber IQ Platform. In addition, we allow retail brokers to utilize white labeled versions of our Cyber IQ platform, right from their own website. This boosts the credibility of their organization and makes selling insurance even easier.

Our Cyber IQ platform, which was launched in November 2018, is a comparative rating platform. This allows brokers and agents to compare quotes from multiple stand-alone cyber insurance carriers in seconds. We’re now happy to announce that we’ve added both CFC Underwriting Ltd. (CFC) and InsureTech startup, At-Bay, to our Cyber IQ platform.

So how can a white labeled cyber insurance platform benefit you and your clients?

Five Benefits of White Label Insurance

  1. Broaden Your Portfolio
    As an entrepreneur, it’s not always best to build a product from the ground up. Understanding how to white label your products, such as white label insurance or white label cyber security products, can quickly expand your portfolio. This provides a more diverse selection for your customers. These flexible options benefit your customers and allow you to reach a larger market, which benefits you as an organization.
  2. A man in a pink shirt sits at a desk and works on a laptop. Generate New Business
    With the white labeled versions of the ProWriters Cyber IQ platform, retail brokers have the ability to provide clients and prospects with multiple cyber quotes. This gives clients and prospects fast and customized options, all broken down into a more transparent format that makes it easier to compare coverages. The Cyber IQ Platform can provide a quote from multiple stand-alone cyber insurance carriers in seconds.
  3. Look Like an Expert
    The ProWriters Cyber IQ platform can be white labeled and accessed by clients and prospects, all directly from your website. This will help establish your organization and brand as professional and experienced within the industry. With your name on the platform, your organization will be top-of-mind for businesses looking for coverage.
  4. Offer the Best Products
    A single carrier solution is not the answer for your prospects and clients. Providing rates from multiple carriers allows you to easily find the best option and the best coverages for your clients. As coverage needs vary tremendously from risk to risk, this flexibility will leave your client with the best coverage for their specific needs.
  5. Compete With Direct Markets
    ProWriters allows retail brokers to white label the Cyber IQ platform. This helps boost their credibility within the marketplace and become more efficient in providing quotes. This will ultimately save time, money, and allow brokers to write more policies within a shorter timeframe, and better compete with direct competitors.

With ProWriters, our Cyber IQ platform gives retail insurance brokers the ability to provide their clients with multiple cyber quotes directly from their website. This gives your customers the flexibility and options they’re looking for to obtain coverage for their niche market.

Our dynamic quote comparison makes selling cyber insurance more transparent so you can easily understand the differences in coverages.

To get started, sign up for the ProWriters Cyber IQ Platform here.

ProWriters Believes in Simplicity and Choice

ProWriters has reenvisioned the process of buying and comparing professional liability insurance to make cyber products more accessible to the market. As rates and coverage vary tremendously from risk to risk, your clients need flexibility to find the insurance coverage that best fits their individual needs.

In addition to providing excellent customer service, ProWriters offers nearly 20 years of insurance expertise. We’ve made it our mission to consistently evaluate and optimize our processes. This saves time for white label brokers looking to get the best possible products to their clients. We also offer various Broker Resources to keep you up to date on the latest marketing, educational and risk management resources in Professional and Management Insurance.

As we value our relationships with our carriers, agents and their clients, we look forward to long term partnerships that will continue well into the future.

To speak with a ProWriters expert, contact us online or call us at (484) 321-2335 with any questions.