The Expert Guide to Selling Cyber Liability Insurance

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When cyber coverage was first introduced, many asked: “who really needs cyber liability insurance?” But with a growing web of damaging cyber attacks, evolving exposures, and changing public perception, now the question is, “who doesn’t?”

As important as it is, selling cyber insurance can be complex. That’s why we at ProWriters are working to simplify it. To help with that, we’ve launched a new eBook, How to Sell Cyber: Big Claims in Ransomware & Social Engineering.

This FREE resource is your digital guide to understanding complex cyber risks and how to sell cyber insurance to your clients. With this eBook offer, you’ll find a wide range of useful content, including:

  • How social engineering is changing your clients’ cyber exposure
  • What your clients would really pay in a data breach without proper insurance
  • Which data regulations apply to your clients and what non-compliance actually costs
  • How to present and explain packaged and stand-alone cyber policies

Your eBook also offers an inside look at our groundbreaking Cyber IQ Comparative Rate Platform, which allows you to obtain a quote comparison of several top carries in just seconds.

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