How to Save on Cyber Policy Costs with Dynamic Comparison

Get to Know Our Dynamic Comparison

Today, it may seem like the news coverage about cyber attacks is over-dramatized; however, it’s not far from the truth. Cyber security has become an absolute necessity for any company, business, or organization. Protecting yourself from cyber attacks is imperative and cyber policy costs have become a fundamental investment for proactive organizations.

At ProWriters, our established partnerships with top carriers bring brokers and their clients the best possible cyber products. In addition, we offer nearly 20 years of expertise. We believe it’s important to begin on the offense. For most companies, the question of a cyber attack is not “if” but “when.” Everyone is at risk.

A cyber security policy can protect multiple elements of your organization, including:

  • Close-up of a man in a black shirt with his hands typing on a silver laptop.Financial Well-being
    The financial repercussions of a cyber security attack can be devastating to a business, institution, or company and the costs continue to rise. Following a breach, these costs can include:

    • Enlisting a forensic IT team to investigate and pinpoint the cause of the breach and correct it
    • Appointing a public relations firm to notify the public
    • Providing credit monitoring costs for all parties involved
    • Paying demanded ransoms to protect or restore stolen data
    • Settle a number of legal and regulatory fines

    Well invested cyber policy costs quickly pay off should you face a cyber threat or attack to protect you from significant financial harm.

  • Private Information
    Whether the private information belongs to your organization or to your customers and the public, stolen information can do irreparable harm. In many situations, hackers will demand a ransom in order to provide an encrypted key to allow you to access important data. Cyber security protects your establishment financially in the event you’re attacked by ransomware, and protects you and your customer’s information from being accessed.
  • Public Reputation
    The risk of exposing private information and your organization’s reputation go hand in hand. Trust between a customer and the business to which they’re providing their Private Personal Information (PPI) cannot be broken. Should you face a data breach, many customers will take their business elsewhere in an effort to protect themselves. A cyber security policy will protect both your organization and your customer from cyber attacks, and mitigate the damage should one occur.

While we can all agree that a cyber security policy is a necessary investment, it’s often a complicated process. At ProWriters, we believe in making cyber simplified. With our underwriting process, we make it easy to understand the difference in cyber coverage options by offering brokers multiple choices, nearly 20 years of insurance underwriting experience and expertise, and excellent service to our customers.

Why Is a Dynamic Comparison Your Best Option?

ProWriter’s dynamic comparison is part of our underwriting process which allows our clients to review insurance policies for complex exposures in a streamlined and simplified process. At ProWriters, our mission is to save time for our agents and brokers and we consistently re-evaluate our system and processes to provide the most up to date, convenient, experience. Providing cyber quote comparison allows you to understand exactly what has been quoted and how to sell it.

  1. Experience a Streamlined Application Process
    At ProWriters, we understand that time is money and we don’t intend to waste yours. We’ve eliminated all unnecessary questions and duplicate data entry in our underwriting process to simplify the rating process.
  2. Understand Your Options
    ProWriters proudly offers underwriting services on behalf of multiple carriers, allowing you a one-stop-shop for your clients to tailor their insurance needs with cyber quote comparison. This process compares cyber insurance in a different way and simplifies your research on the best policy for your client.
  3. Market to Your Clients
    We want to help you sell insurance and at ProWriters, we offer a number of resources to help you do just that. This includes a number of marketing materials for you to download directly and share with your clients, educational resources to the latest information in cyber security and a number of risk management services.

At ProWriters, we want to simplify and streamline the cyber security insurance process for you and your clients with cyber quote comparison so your cyber policy costs are well worth it.

Take proactive action in protecting yourself and your clients from the dangers of cyber threats and attacks before it’s too late and save yourself time and money in the process. At ProWriters, we consistently take a step back to reevaluate our systems and processes to make sure they’re working as efficiently and effectively as possible for our agents, brokers and their clients.

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