Broker Resources

Marketing Materials

To make it as simple as possible for brokers to market, quote and bind policies for their clients, we’ve provided some helpful resources including: cyber and insurance factsheets, carrier policy forms, applications, and more. Download the resources to review yourself or share directly with clients.

Educational Resources

With nearly 20 years experience in both insurance and cyber security, ProWriters is a leading authority when it comes to protecting small businesses from damaging cyber attacks. For information on everything from the basics of cyber security, to how to create a comprehensive risk management plan for any small business, browse our library of educational resources.

Risk Management Resources

Insurance is designed to complement a comprehensive risk management strategy. Adopting a holistic approach to security will ensure maximum protection against and in the event of a cyber attack. To assist your clients in calculating their specific risks, forming a comprehensive plan and adopting their risk management strategy, we’ve created these helpful resources:

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