Cyber Liability Insurance

In today’s digital era, businesses face cyber risks like ransomware attacks and data breaches, leading to operational disruptions and financial losses. Cyber Insurance is crucial to mitigate these risks, providing peace of mind for businesses, including small ones.

Our platform simplifies the process for brokers to find, quote, and sell tailored Cyber Liability policies, leveraging leading carriers in the market. ProWriters supports brokers with technology and expert service to grow their business seamlessly. Serving all 50 states, we connect businesses with appointed brokers, ensuring quick and easy access to comprehensive cyber coverage.

What is a Cyber Insurance Policy?

A Cyber Insurance policy (also known as Cyber Liability Insurance and Cyber Security Insurance) protects organizations from expenses and financial losses due to a cyber attack. General liability insurance policies generally don’t cover these costs, which can quickly add up and become more than most businesses can absorb.

At ProWriters, we help brokers find, quote, and sell Cyber Liability policies to meet their clients’ specific needs more efficiently and successfully.

What Does Cyber Insurance Cover?

First Party Coverage Third Party Coverage
Computer & IT Forensics Breach of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
Notifications Breach of Contract
Credit Monitoring and Protection Services Transmission of Software Viruses
Crisis Management Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks
Crime and Social Engineering Legal Expenses and Industry Fines
Cyber Extortion Media Liability
Cyber Business Interruption -
Digital Asset Damage -

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Additional benefits of Cyber insurance?

Each carrier’s policy comes with cyber risk management tools, which could include:

  • Access to risk management platforms
  • Consultation with IT security teams
  • Round-the-clock network scanning to discover and mitigate vulnerabilities before a cyber attack occurs

Policyholders also get access to a set of panel vendors including top IT forensic, legal defense, PR, and other firms. Their experience and expertise guide companies through each step of a cyber incident response.

Policies can also include multimedia liability coverage. It applies to claims of libel and defamation, copyright and trademark infringement, and others related to intellectual property.

What is Not Covered by Cyber Insurance?

Cyber Insurance generally does not cover:

  • Potential future lost profits
  • Loss of value through intellectual property theft
  • Technological improvements and upgrades
  • Losses incurred during the time deductible (“waiting period”)
  • Criminal activity by the insured
Where can I find a Cyber Insurance Broker?

ProWriters works with businesses and their insurance brokers / agents in all 50 states to help them secure coverage, quickly and easily.

Contact us and we can connect you with an appointed broker in your area.

Is Cyber insurance Worth the Cost?

The costs associated with responding to and recovering from a cyber attack can easily and quickly reach thousands, tens of thousands, and even millions of dollars. The cost of Cyber Insurance is a modest, wise investment in an organization’s financial health and viability.

ProWriters can help you find the best Cyber Insurance policy for your business clients of all sizes.

For small startups to middle-market companies, we offer broad liability coverage from multiple leaders in the Cyber Insurance market. Your clients get levels of coverage commensurate with their level of risk and don’t pay for more than they need.

For large, billion-dollar or more companies, we can obtain custom terms through long-standing partnerships with the top 30-plus Cyber markets.

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