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Many insurance agents and brokers are turning their focus to certain niches.

ProWriters is an insurance company providing underwriting services to brokers seeking alternatives to traditional markets. As a leading cyber insurance underwriter and independent third party, we provide superior underwriting services on behalf of top carriers. For brokers seeking quick service product expertise, excellent customer service, and multiple options for their clients, look no further than ProWriters.

underwriting servicesProWriters also provides insurance underwriting services to those who lack the necessary expertise to deliver certain coverages. This includes Professional and Management liability coverages such as Cyber and Privacy Liability. Our underwriting is backed by 20 years of expertise and is optimized to respond to evolving challenges in a dynamic marketplace.

Our cyber insurance underwriting process and approach to risk information sets ProWriters apart in the industry. Designed to evaluate the risks your clients face, our methodology is designed with speed and accuracy in mind. Our expertise in assessing risks is just one of the reasons brokers and their clients choose ProWriters year after year. And if you’re looking for traditional managing general underwriter (MGU) services, ProWriters is here to help. We can develop new wordings, rating plans, and underwriting strategies—all tailored to meet your unique needs.

We can also act as an experienced underwriting workforce for carriers who have developed their own strategy. This newer, more innovative approach allows carrier to control their marketing and branding backed by our experience in the industry. It also enables carriers to lower their long-term expense ratio by limiting:

  • Total headcount
  • System development costs
  • Total time to market

Partnering with the right underwriter can make all the difference. Talk to an experienced ProWriters underwriter to learn more about the right underwriting services for you.

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